Locate My Phone Using Spy Cellular Phone Software

With locate my phone do you go for mobile tracking? If you do, then you need to download your tracking device. This tracker had become very essential nowadays especially when the expensive Smartphones are hot items to thieves and bad elements. Mobile tracker to locate my phone had become possible due to different spy software available today in the market. What the spy software does is discern the location of any cell phone I wish to monitor – any time.

Reasons for mobile tracking – locate my phone

People had desired to have mobile tracking in their cell phones. I have identified three reasons. One of them of course is to locate my phone when it gets lost. Another reason is to monitor the location of my family members, especially the children. The third is to monitor the location of other people close to my heart. The first reason is to deter stealers of cell phones. Knowing that they can be located discourages and frightens the culprits. The second and third reasons are almost the same, only the monitoring or concern is on different persons. Nevertheless, with these two you are concerned with safety of people you love.

Locate my phone – 3 ways to conduct cell phone location tracking

To locate my phone via the tracking mode can be done through triangulation, GPS and spy software.
To locate my phone using the triangulation method is one old fashioned way of tracking the position of the cell phone. The process involves two masts and this should be near the cell phone. A triangle is drawn using these two masts and phone. In doing this, the phone is taken as the center of the triangle. Studies showed that this method is rated 65% accurate but it should be remembered that doing this is a cumbersome process. However, this is still used by different phone networks.
GPS or Global Positioning System
locate my phoneUnder the GPS tracking, the hardware is installed in the phone to be monitored. Today though, majority or later models of cell phones come with the GPS function. Once my cell phone is enabled with this feature, I can make use of this to locate my phone. This tracking system will show me the exact location of the cell phone on a map. Under this method, I can only monitor people who want to be located. If the person I want to track down is hesitant, then I cannot do anything about it. Being uncooperative, I cannot tract down his location. But since I want mine to be, I can always make use of the GPS to locate my phone.
The third method is via the spy software. There are many different versions – different software companies offering their own tracking software that will help locate my phone. These are installed in the cell phone you are interested to monitor and after the installation the phone becomes your tracking device. The spy software works discreetly and is hard to detect.

Locate my phone using different spy software

There are many different modes of spy software. By analyzing them they are all functioning to locate my phone. Of the different software, I have picked three interesting versions – SpyBubble, Mobile Spy and StealthGenie. The Spy Bubble is pegged at $49.95 while the Mobile Spy and StealthGenie are priced $99.97 and $99.99 – almost the same cost and double the price of the SpyBubble.
The SpyBubble has many features but its drawback is in its inability to block unsafe contents of the phone that you are monitoring. The Mobile Spy has lesser features but then the present attributes are those that are needed to locate my phone and also keep tab of the other phones being monitored. The StealthGenie does not have the other features of the other spy software but then it is very effective in its way to locate my phone and other phones I wish to monitor.

Lost or Stolen – 3 Ways to Locate My Phone

The desire to locate my phone has resulted to another innovative breakthrough. I have found out that there is different software that will help me locate my phone when it is stolen or just inadvertently lost. This is the cell phone tracking device that will consistently help me find my phone.
The tracking cellular phone device offers you and me different benefits. This will help us find or recover any stolen device. It is able to find our location when we are travelling and this can also be used to monitor the whereabouts of members of our family. The use of this device that will locate my phone is legitimate or legal. The good thing is that there are given ways to do this.
Here are three common tracking tools to help locate my phone.
Locate my phone – Google Latitude
Google Latitude is one of the best used cell phone tracking device. Here are things that this device can do –
• It helps me locate my phone.
• It enables me to monitor my contacts.
• It displays the phone in Google map.
Before I can enjoy these benefits, I have to download first my Google App on my phone and computer. This app also enables me to track down the location of my contacts. But then, I am reminded that I should first ask the permission of my contacts to allow me to track them down. Google Latitude does not require a GPS-enabled phone to be able to do the downloading.
The tracking can be […] Continue Reading…

Why And How Should I Locate My Phone When It Is Missing?

Locate my phone – I lost my new smartphone!

I was mesmerized when I first got hold of a Smartphone. I realized that this small gadget can be an alternative to the laptop in that I can check and send email, research, communicate through Skype or log in to my social media account. It has so much power in such very small equipment. Today, more features are added making it even more magnificent. So – when it gets lost I want to freak out and cry. There is so much information in it that without it, I feel so helpless. But not anymore – I can locate my phone when it is stolen, lost or just misplaced.
When the fateful loss of the cell phone happens, I have five essential options to undertake. First, I need to call my service provider so that the SIM card gets deactivated. I should go online immediately to activate its tracking feature. I should send alert messages to many people to the effect that I cannot locate my phone. Do I have to change all of my online passwords? Yes if they are all connected to the missing device. If the gadget is covered by insurance, I will review the policy and cover.
Locate my phone – It has important information
I should locate my phone soon as I discover it to be missing. There is lots of valuable information therein that can be accessed by anyone who gets hold of the missing gadget. I should learn […] Continue Reading…

Lost Smartphone and Non-Smartphone – I Can Now Locate My Phone

To be able to locate my phone at all times is a necessity. Also, today, the cell phone is a necessity. Without it, I seem to lack a part of me. And because of its popularity, cell phone manufacturers are competing hard enough to get a lion’s share in the mobile phone market. Consequently, more modern with better features are offered in the market. The price had gone down relatively – but not the Smartphones of Apple and Samsung.

Yes, there are mobile phones with sky rocketing prices but they nevertheless continue to be in high demand. And like me, you will be devastated when these very useful communication devices could not be found. Are they lost or stolen?
Because the cell phones contain very valuable information, they should not be lost. It could be for this reason that software to track down missing mobile phones began to be developed. It had become easier to track down the Smartphone but this does not mean that you can no longer locate my phone which is of the older model.
Since the cell phone tracking software was introduced, the fear of losing the mobile had diminished. Once my mobile is missing, all I have to do is log on a computer and start tracking to locate my phone.
Lost Android – Locate my phone
Even if I did not have a chance to install the recovery apps on my mobile phone, there is still a great way to locate my phone whose OS is Android. What […] Continue Reading…